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EMC E20-570 Dumps

Networked Storage CAS Specialist
Networked Storage CAS Specialist

Questions & Answers for EMC E20-570

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Question #1

What will cause replication to autopause?

A. Remote cluster encounters a drive failure.

B. Remote cluster encounters a node failure.

C. Remote cluster is full.

D. Source cluster encounters a drive failure.

Question #2

You are asked to set up a retention class "email" with a period of five years. Which
command would you use in EMC Centera CLI?

A. create retention email 5 years

B. set retention email 5 years

C. create retention class email 5 years

D. set retention class email 5 years

Question #3

You are looking at a Gen4/Gen4 LP node and you notice the heartbeat LED is on solid.
What does this mean?

A. The node has rebooted but not recovered.

B. The node is in BIOS POST/Linux boot.

C. The node is rebooting.

D. The node is online and healthy.

Question #4

A customer wants to maximize performance to their EMC Centera. Which Protection
Scheme and Storage Strategy combination should you choose?

A. CPM and GM

B. CPM and M++

C. CPP and M++

D. CPP and GM

Question #5

Two CUAs are configured as an active/passive pair in Enhanced Availability mode. The
active CUA is a Dell 2850 server. Which hardware platform can be used for the passive

A. A Dell 2850 server

B. A Gen4 node or a Dell 2950 server

C. A Gen4 node

D. A Gen4 node or a Dell 2850 server

Question #6

In the EMC Centera Console, there is one domain named Default with one EMC Centera in
the domain. The customer wants to rename this Default domain to "ABC."
How can this be done?

A. Create another domain and delete the default domain.

B. In the EMC Centera Console, under the Edit menu, select Rename from the menu.

C. In the EMC Centera Console, highlight the Default domain name, right-click and select Rename from the menu.

D. Using the EMC Centera CLI, rename the domain Default ABC.

Question #7

The business unit has a CUA running 4.0 and wants to be able to add custom metadata
tags to the CDFs for query searches. How would you configure this on the CUA?

A. Enable the end user to provide custom metadata, create a custom_metadata.txt file in the working directory, and add tags to the file.

B. From the service menu, select configure custom metadata and follow the prompts to add the tags.

C. In the smb.conf insert a line directly under.alogro$ and insert custom_metadata= < add the tags>, and then restart smb.

D. CUA does not support custom metadata; it will need to be configured on the Centera profile.

Question #8

According to EMC best practices, which profile type is recommended for replication?

A. Cluster

B. Replication

C. Management

D. Anonymous

Question #9

Where is an object's retention information stored on EMC Centera?

A. Content Descriptor file

B. Content Address

C. Virtual pool

D. Principal node

Question #10

You are archiving to a pair of bi-directionally replicating EMC Centeras in Governance
mode, and you are using retention classes to manage retention. You initially set the
retention class "email" to five years, and have been archiving e-mail content for the past
two years. You have recently been informed that you need keep e-mail content for only one
year, so you change the definition of the retention class "email" to one year. You then
delete all content older than one year. During an audit, you discover that the deleted
content is still on the target cluster. What is the most likely reason for this?

A. You cannot change retention on a Governance cluster.

B. Updated retention class has not been exported.

C. The retention class on the target cluster was not updated.

D. The default retention is still five years.

Question #11

The active CUA has a catastrophic failure. The administrator issued a failover on the
standby CUA to promote the standby CUA as the active. The former active CUA has been
replaced and is now back online. The administrator wants to fail back to the replaced CUA.
How can this be done?

A. Configure the replaced CUA as the active and on the promoted active CUA perform a failover.

B. On the promoted CUA perform a restore back to the replaced CUA.

C. Configure the replaced CUA as a standby and perform a failover.

D. On the replaced CUA configured as the standby perform a restore.

Question #12

By default, how is a clip protected in a CPP cluster?

A. CDF and BLOB are both parity protected.

B. CDF is mirrored and BLOB is embedded if below the recommended threshold.

C. CDF is mirrored and BLOB is parity but mirrored if below the recommended threshold.

D. CDF is parity and BLOB is mirrored.

Question #13

In order to store a file in parity mode on an EMC Centera, how many nodes must be

A. 7

B. 8

C. 9

D. 2

Question #14

Which tools can be used to monitor capacity on an EMC Centera?

A. Centera Viewer, Centera Console, EMC ControlCenter

B. Centera Console, CLI, Centera Command Line Tools

C. Centera Console, Centera Exerciser, JCASScript

D. Centera Viewer, CLI, Centera Browser

Question #15

During a new EMC Centera install, the customer realizes they need CUA to integrate one
of their applications. At this time they don't have funding to purchase additional hardware.
In which configuration can a Gen4 LP CUA be configured using existing hardware?

A. 16-node cube

B. 32-node cube

C. 4-node cube

D. 24-node cube